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New Moon/SUPER MOON/Mercury Retrograde=Crazy!

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The New Moon on January 20, 2015 is the first of six Super Moons in 2015.  The mood will be strong as endings and new beginnings are the focus and with the energy of the SUPER MOON may all feel challenged.  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus who tens to move quickly and pulls our emotions in check.  This can cause upheaval and some serious emotional outbursts.  ((Probably not good for the overly emotional Capricorn in me.))

***Positive aspects of this moon are spiritual awakenings, creativity and finding a new balance.  ***The negative aspects of this moon are a loss of faith, cold emotions, feelings of betrayal and repeating past patterns.  Add to this a mix of emotions with Mercury going retrograde tomorrow and our mood will be supercharged and apparently confused.

How will this New Moon effect you?   Well, this one sounds like no fun at all.  Confusion, chaos and an incredible feeling of detachment is noted for many.  The Aquarian side will push us to put passion on the back burner.  ((No fun.))  It is trying to get us to detach ourselves from emotions and go for something void of emotion.  I have read relationships beginning with someone who is married and/or emotionally unavailable.  ((So true romance is out?  I am not sure if I like this Moon.))  Focus on friendships, group activities is the focus on a personal level.  ((Great, again where is the romance?))

Moving on to Mercury Retrograde…1/21/15-2/11/15.  When Mercury turns retrograde communications are mixed up, messed up and it can feel like we are talking to a totally different person.  Make sure you get things straight and understand fully what another is trying to tell you.  Electronics tend to take on a mind of their own.  Make sure all electronics are backed up!  Past lovers may even come back for one more try.  I wouldn’t recommend signing contracts now either unless you go through them with a fine tooth comb.

Don’t fear Mercury retrograde, embrace it.  Pay attention.  Keep your head down.  Ride it out.  Whatever doesn’t end may have a chance at actually making it when it is all said and done.

On that note, have a good week and I’ll be here if you need me.

Many blessings,
Gaylene aka “Abundant Visions”


Full Moon and Spell Casting

This is a time when the Moon is MOST powerful!  That means the magic that we do is extremely potent!  Because the Full Moon is hard to fit into ones schedule as it truly only lasts one night you should know that its’ effectiveness in spell work is usually two days before and two days after.

It is a perfect time to do spell casting in love, romance, fertility, psychic abilities, making decisions, healing, guidance and also banishing.  The candles I would suggest are:

Chakra cleanse to cleanse out all areas of your chakra ((especially after the retrogrades end))

Black candle to rid oneself of any and all negativity

White for healing and protection

My mom used to do a money spell every full moon and so do I to bring monies to us.  She loved the Full Moon for spell castings!  We were busy bees!

I will be doing a ritual tonight and tomorrow night so if you would like me to add a spell candle for you please email me at thirdeyelivenow@aol.com.

Abundant blessings!

Gaylene, Abundant Visions