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Berkana Rune

Berkana Rune, Rune of the Week, love, relationships, growth, fertility
This week’s Psychic Rune casting is “Berkana.”

What is in store for your love relationships, career and more this week? Casting the Rune “Berkana” represents fertility, growth and expansion. This could represent a literal pregnancy/birth; a blossoming relationship or starting to blast off into great success. It’s action is gentle and pervasive but the results are oh so rewarding. This is a time to put the past in the past where it belongs so we can reap the rewards of the future we have carefully created and cared for.

In Tarot, the Empress carries the same symbolism as Berkana. They both represent the nurturing, caring balanced energy of the Mother. We may be filled with the desire to create, support, nurture and grow either within ourselves, others, or in school and business. Basically, Berkana is a good omen in that it assures us we have planted something real and meaningful and that through continued nurturing and a steadfast approach we will create something long lasting and victorious.

How can you implement this psychic reading into your life and get the most out of your week?
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Uruz Rune Guidance for week of 1/4/15

Uruz Upright, Rune of the Week

“Uruz”is the Rune of terminations and beginnings.  It says to me that we are outgrowing the old, shedding skins in order to move forward into the new.  Uruz is all about opportunities disguised as losses. The progression of evolving in life is very much so like a nature. There is death decay fertilization and rebirth. While we are free to resist it suggests that we remain mindful that the rebirth will bring about a new life that has the potential to be greater than the old.  It could be a relationship, someone or something, or even a way of life that no longer serves you.  We are to look at the “loss” and realize we have learned our lesson(s).   Now is the time to pull ourselves UP and move forward positively!

I am not surprised by pulling this Rune as tomorrow is the first Full Moon of 2015 and it is a DOOZEY!  We may be feeling tired, depressed, stressed and it could show in our communications with others.  We are being told to be careful as tensions are high and as a result we could SNAP!  Ride out the storm and take care of yourself!  Tread carefully and whenever Pray!


Laguz Rune

Laguz Rune, Rune of the week

The Rune for this upcoming week is “Laguz.”  Laguz tells me that unseen powers are active here, powers that nourish, shape and connect. With its attributes of water and fluidity it symbolizes deep cleansing, revaluing, reorganizing and realigning of the self. Success lies in being open and going with the flow. This is hard for some of us because it is cleaning yourself of negativity and moving forward positively knowing that we leave a part of us behind. Laguz tells us “Have no fear go with the flow! Change is inevitable… But, it also promises that we will be happier as a result!

The New Year is upon us!  Take time to reflect on 2014 on a whole.  What were you able to get accomplished?  Are you happy with where you are now?  What is it you’d like to see change in the upcoming New Year for yourself?  Don’t be afraid, let right action flow through you!  Make a list of 5 things you want to see happen for you in 2015.  Don’t just let the list sit there!  When you start to take action, you’ll see how everything else just falls into place naturally.  Let Laguz and the unseen powers help YOU!  There is no time like the present to start anew!

Water-going with the flow and can be associated with upcoming travel.
Intuitive or psychic abilities enhanced.
Our minds may be flooded with thoughts just go with the flow no need to take action now.
Behind the scenes your guardians and angels are working hard for you!


Rune Jera

Rune Jera, Rune of the week

Drawing the Rune Jera for this week says we have done a lot of preparation work.  Our work isn’t done yet but we can expect increase within one year!  It is very similar to planting a flower.  We have all planted something right?  Well, Jera symbolizes a time when we have prepared the soil and planted our seeds.  Now we are to cultivate with care and watch the flowers grow.  Because it is a Harvest season it would tell me as a reader that things will unfold and become successful within one year’s time.

Kind of crazy for me because given the launching of the new and improved website!  We have done a great job with the help of some amazing people!  Our seeds have been planted and now we cultivate with care knowing that in one year we will accomplish BIG things!  WOWZER!  Phenomenal!

Take a deep look that week at what YOU have been working hard on.  Something you have been preparing for, building, creating.  This is a time of realization that you are prepared, now take care of it gently.  Don’t try to rush!  Good things ARE coming to you!  Keep in FAITH!

Have a great Holiday week!

Many blessings!


Isa Rune

Blog for the week - Isa Rune, Third Eye Live, Authentic Psychic Readings

Drawing the Rune “Isa” marks a time when you may find yourself powerless in a situation. A long cherished goal may be on hold. We are waiting on someone else to do their part and the waiting is excruciatingly maddening. Remember to “breathe in positivity, breathe out negativity.” We are reminded to just submit, surrender, temporarily let go, be patient ((a little more)) and things will start to flow again.

Use this period of time to regroup and re-evaluate plans. You may find that you feel a bit drained and Isa reminds us to find quiet time for ourselves to rejuvenate! Isa is said to be related to the Hermit in Tarot. As he represents a need for withdrawal, silent meditation and solitude in order to gain enlightenment. Through Isa as the ice melts there is more clarity given for a greater understanding thus allowing you to prepare carefully your next steps.

Have a good week!
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