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March SUPER New Moon! Total Lunar Eclipse!

new moon total solar eclipse

Friday, March 20th promises to be a BIG day!  New Moon/Supermoon/Total Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox.  Dang!  This is a lot of energy being thrown out there!  Opportunities are opening up for us!   Doors once thought closed are opening again in an attempt to do things differently this time.  Well, well well!  Let me think…what is it that I would like to do differently?  Probably not suitable for social media.  😉 What is it YOU would do differently?

This is the 3rd of 6 Supermoons in 2015.  The next will be September, October and November FULL Moons.  A Supermoon is the Moon at it closest point to Earth and can have a pretty big effect on the Oceans.  Please be careful while out on the water this weekend.

The New Moon is Pisces will be intense!  We will be creative, focusing on our dreams, learning to be more compassionate and challenged to take that leap of faith!  On the other side of all this optimistic energy we may be over analytical and critical of our current attachments and/or feelings for other.  We will be looking to shake things up a bit to better fill our own needs in order to create happiness.  We are bring offered an opportunity to let go of past patterns, habits, addictions and people that hold us back from living in such happiness.  Truth is we are meant to be HAPPY in this LIFE.  Many of US have gotten ourselves stuck in a space where we are living but we are not truly happy.  Believe it or not it is a big shift.  Some may be moody along the way.  Pisces can be bitchy.  😉  Remember, you’ll get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar!  Get creative!

Perfect candles for this time would be Road Openers, Fast Luck, Better Business, Pink (love), Chuparrosa, Blue (calm and heal), Helping Hand and so much more!  Please visit www.thirdeyelive.com/spell-candles for more!

Many Blessings to YOU!


New Moon and Solar Eclipse

For me, candle rituals are deeply satisfying and fuel my soul.  It creates a feeling that something special and magical is happening for me!  With that being said, the New Moon tonight is amplified because there is a Solar Eclipse as well!  I’d like to share a simple new moon wish ritual with you!

1)  Write your wishes down on a piece of paper

2)  Light your candle to start the ritual.  Give thanks and gratitude. You can even open with a prayer if it feels right for you.  I will be using an Uncrossing Candle to uncross any negativity.  I also find an Abre Camino/Road Opener and a Success candle work amazing during this time too!

3)  State your wishes OUTLOUD!

4)  I burn my wishes in the fire of the flame.  If you feel more comfortable, slipping it under the candle is ok too!

5)  Take a few minutes and really visualize your wishes/goals coming to fruition.

6)  Give thanks and gratitude and let the candle burn out on its’ own.

With love and blessings,

Gaylene, Abundant Visions