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Our Spell Candles

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Is there such a thing as a candle spell that works? How can the burning of a candle bring love to your life, and success to your work or career? The answer, dear friend, is found in both history and magic.

Since the time of the Egyptians, five millennia ago, the burning of candles has been seen as a method of attracting and connecting the spiritual energies of the universe together. The candle itself is a focus point, accompanied by a deeply concentrated wish. Still not sure, as after all, the Egyptian, Greek and Roman Gods have been consigned by our modern world to a bin of myths and so why should we believe in their methods?

Walk into almost any Christian church and what do you see? Candles burning at the side and people with their heads bowed in prayer asking God for help. Whether one wishes to call it religion or magic, it is a spell that works.

How Spell Candles Works

Manifest the wish you desire and choose one of our candles below. What we do is take the candle of your choice and anoint it with oils and herbs that are pleasing to the Angels and Saints to help assist us in attaining your wish.

Old and powerful rituals combined with specific anointing handed down to me by generations past. The power and energies around us lend focus themselves on you to achieve the results you desire. These candles are specifically dressed to suit your desire. You tell us what you are looking to attain and we do the rest!

From the time we blow out our first birthday candle, magic is a part of us. Blowing out the candle we manifest and ask that our wishes be granted.

The spell candles listed below are no different. Taking the candle of suited to your desire I anoint it with oils and herbs that please our Guardians and Guides in helping assist us gain our wish!

There are so many ways to burn the candles. For example when asking true love come to you, bring a lover back to you, bring peace or help in a difficult situation, good health, good luck, BIG fortune, banishing negativity, create a barrier of protection around you and so much more these VERY POWERFUL candles and the powers that BE lend their energy to you to achieve the results you desire.

These candles are specifically dressed to suit YOUR desire. You tell me what you are looking to attain and I do the rest!

Two Options

We have two options to choose from. You may wish to burn the candle yourself, or have our candle dresser and interpreter Gaylene burn it for you and report daily to you as to how the candle is burning and how to interpret its result. No one else is offering our level of individualized service.

The choice is yours. You might like to have the candle in your own home, so you can feel the spirit presence as well as enjoying the balance it offers while burning. On the other hand, you might want to rely on Abundant Visions experience. You decide.

Option #1
Your candle will be shipped directly to you and you can light your specially dressed candle!  $12 per candle.  Shipping for 1-3 candles is $16 (we can fit 3 candles in one box).  We ship to the United States only, but we do offer candle burning services (Option 2 below) worldwide.
Option #2
We will dress and light your candle for you.  You will be emailed a photo of your candle work on a daily basis. $27 per candle.

Full Moon/SUPER MOON 7/12/2014

The upcoming Full Moon on 7/12/2014 is also the first of three Super Moons in a row!  The meaning of a Super Moon is when the moon is closest to the Earth.  The moon will be approximately 16% larger and 30% brighter than other times.  July 12, August 10 and September 9 of 2014 are the Super Moons!

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The Full Moon is the pinnacle of things we started at the New Moon.  Remember your list?  The Full Moon is a time when we can check off some of the things you were able to accomplish.  Even if they were little things that helped you get closer to the ultimate goal, you made progress!  You can use the power of the Full Moon to draw in things to you with ease by using Spell candles aka Prayer candles.

Sorry to say it but, the Full Moon is going to be emotional.  From what I understand, with Cancer (Sun) opposing Capricorn (Moon) we are torn between two very important places.  Our home life, personal and nurturing with Cancer and that of responsibility, career and accountability with Capricorn.  Cancer is saying I am happy leaning on you and Capricorn wants us to stand up and be responsible for ourselves.  This can be tricky because many people are torn right now with their complacent self and being happy keeping things the way they are while others are saying hey, get it together and take necessary actions!  This is where the emotional side gets torn.  Where is the balance?  We are looking to voice ourselves no matter whether you are mushy or pushy.  Be careful how you word things as they can be misconstrued and hurtful to others.  It is possible to find a balance and get what you need accomplished in a loving manner.

A Super Moon can help in many ways to achieve the goal and keep the balance with the help of spell candles.  My recommendation for this time would be:  White to bring peace and balance; Road Opener to open the paths to greater Success; Pink in love as it isn’t too overwhelming and my personal favorite Fast Luck to bring monies IN to you. No matter what you are looking to accomplish, there is a candle that can help you get what you desire!  If the candle you want is not on the list, ask and we will find a perfect one for you!

As always we at Third Eye Live are here to help guide you in the most powerfully positive and accurate manner!  Our reader of the week is Aries Intuition!  Try her out today!  She doesn’t pull punches!  If you are ready for a no BS reading check her out today!  I have used each and every reader on this site and am confidant in their abilities!

Many blessings,
aka Abundant Visions


Full Moon March 2014! Organize! Health!

The Full Moon of March is called the Worm Moon by the Algonquin tribes and in some areas it is called the Sap Moon.  This is a time when the Earth begins to soften and earthworms start to pop up creating an open invitation to the beautiful Robin birds!  Sap begins to flow in the Maple trees signifying SPRING!  With so many regions experiencing such a tough Winter, I am having a tough time visualizing worms popping  through snow and ice or sap flowing!
The Full Moon will be at its’ peak this Sunday, March 16th and in the sign of Virgo.  This urges us to find a balance in our daily routines, physical health and a pressing need to get things in order and/or organize.  With all this pressing on us we may feel an overwhelmed with an awakening on how we are lacking organization and balance in certain areas of our life.  Whether it is your home, business, love life or healthy living, this is a time where we are pushed to get it done!  This is a good time to start an exercise program, focus on weight loss, clean out the closets, get rid of the old to prepare for the new!  If you feel a little frustrated with all of this, be patient with yourself.  Rome wasn’t built in a day!  Your personal awareness of what needs to get done will help you put plans of action together.
The Full Moon can make us feel more emotional than usual.  Combine that with the push we are feeling to get things on track and we can feel a little off balance.  Keep in mind that in dealing with others they too are feeling the push to get things going for themselves which makes us all crazy at one time 😉
As usual, I will be doing my Full Moon ritual!  If you are wanting to do a candle to add to the nights festivities let me know!
Good candles for the Full Moon this time are:
Weight loss ((black))
Money ((always good))
Love spell  ((to draw in that perfect love or renew an old love))
Success  ((to ensure success in our projects))
White ((to keep peaceful and balanced))
Try this too IF possible and you’re not in the snow.  Take your shoes off and plant your feet on the grass and soak up the rays of a Full Moon for a good cleansing.  We in the South call this Moon Bathing…it is favorite thing of mine to do with a glass of wine in hand of course!
With many blessings to you!
aka “Abundant Visions”
P.S.  I recently started a program myself that I am LOVING for weight loss!  Email me if you want information!  It is FABULOUS and I have more energy and lost 4 pounds in the first week!  WOW!

On Friday October 4th, 2013, the New Moon will bring us into the Libra cycle!

On Friday October 4th, 2013, the New Moon will bring us into the Libra cycle!  What does this mean for you? With the New Moon in Libra, it is a time when our ability to work with others in all aspects of life seems to be the BIG focus.  As the Libra balances things out, we look at our partner, co-workers, even our kids and seem to be weighing the good and bad.  It is a realization of how much WE put into the partnership and how much others do as well.  The goal is to see your partner, co-worker, child as your “teammate” rather than your adversary.  During this time, it may be challenging as we aren’t really wanting to bend to others and their demands. We want things to be fair!  ((Feeling a Marisa Tomei moment here!))

GOOD NEWS!  During this time, of the the New Moon in Libra, you WILL have the ability to negotiate with others and work together to make things fair and balanced without bending your own priniciples…ahhh the true lesson.  Actually, this is a time when we can make important changes in our lives that will have a ripple effect for many moons to come!  I have been told that with the New Moon opposing Uranus and squaring off with Pluto we can expect some challenges in our negotiations.  Some people just don’t know how to play fair.  :/

If you find in your situation you need a little boost, a helping hand so to speak I am here!  I will be doing a New Moon ritual and lighting a Road Opener to open the paths to abundance in success, love, good health and clarity for myself!  In combination with a white candle to create peace while I do some negotiating of my own!

Many abundant blessings to YOU!

Gaylene, Abundant Visions

P.S.  Don’t forget to write out all the things we want to accomplish during this next Cycle and burn it tonight!  Any kind of spell candle will work and if you need more directions it is in a past blog!  Or, email me at thirdeyelivenow@aol.com and I’ll be happy to send it over to you!


Mercury Retrograde Ends 7/20-What’s Next?

July 20, 2013, Mercury Retrograde ends and will finally turn direct!  Thank the good Lord this particular retrograde is coming to an end!  This retrograde being in Cancer has brought a lot to our attention with regards to things we are no longer happy with and to finish what we started!  Complacency is not resonating with our Souls.  The fact is even in our anger, frustration and even miscommunications we are being shown what we need to let go of!  Get rid of it!  It is holding you back.

So here is the thing, once Mercury Retrograde ends and turns direct ((feeling excitement)) it is a slow process in it moving forward.  You will feel some lingering effects from retrograde for a couple days after it goes direct but the most harsh effects will be behind us.

Post Mercury Retrograde is from July 21, 2013 till August 3, 2013.  This is a time to think about the things you’ve gone through during the retrograde, process it and take action.  If knowingly we do not take action, our SUCCESS will stay stagnated.  In whatever area this effects you take heed…as the Universe has shown you specifically what needs to change!

The cool thing about retrograde is this: at times, we bury or deny ourselves happiness or success and retrograde brings that which blocks us to the surface.  What we do with that knowledge is up to us!

The Moon is waxing at the moment which is a good time to do spells for courage, motivation, healing and luck!  We will be in waxing until July 22, 2013 when the Moon is FULL!  More to come on the upcoming Full Moon!

Many blessings,
Gaylene, Abundant Visions