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Supermoon Full Moon Magic 8/11/22

super moon August 2022
This is the last Super Moon of 2022. WOW! This year is literally flying by!!

The reason it’s called “Super Moon” is because it is the closest the Moon comes to the Earth 🌍 at any point and time. This creates a huge powerful energy that can be harnessed to help us!! This makes it a really great time to work with manifesting! Bring your hopes, desires and goals to fruition with the help of this powerful Moon phase and a spell candle! You can chose one of your own liking from our website OR you can chose to be included in the two I have chosen to work with. The ones I have chosen are:

🍀FAST LUCK🍀changes luck positively and can be used for any area of life.

♥️LOVERS AMANTES♥️ helps to bring you a loving, caring committed relationship and/or bring about more loving, stable, commitment between you in an existing relationship.

Check out the website at: www.thirdeyelive.com to see the candles I work with. DM me with any questions. There are many candles not listed on there and each candle is specifically blessed and dressed with your personal intentions in mind.

Many blessings to YOU!

“SUPERMOON-Full Moon Magic” 6/14/22

supermoon full moon magic

This upcoming FULL Moon is a SUPERMOON!! The Moon will be closer to Earth making it appear as though it is bigger. It is going to be packed with POWER! The first half of this year has been challenging to say the least. This SUPERMOON will bring transformation and change promising us miracles and blessings. It is time for positive changes!!

Because this is such a POWER packed moon I will be doing a full moon magic casting. I will do one white candle for miracles and blessings. The second candle will be all about love and romance! Please let me know if you’d like to be a part of the Full Supermoon Magic on 6/14. We only have a couple of days to prepare so let me know as soon as you can!

The cost is $25 per candle.

Many blessings,
Gaylene “aka” Abundant Visions


Blockbuster Spell Candle Ritual Tomorrow Night April 10th

We all seem to be encountering blockages/obstacles in many aspects of our lives right now. I am doing a BLOCKBUSTER spell candle ritual tomorrow night.

Blockbuster candles break things up and blows through blockages that keep us from attaining our goal(s).

Please let me know if you’d like to be a part of this candle. The cost is $25. Updates are done via Instagram and Facebook.

Many blessings,


Full Moon Magic March 18, 2022 in Virgo

The FULL MOON on 3/18/22 is in Virgo and it promises to be an emotional roller coaster. Virgo digs deep into our well being and reveals our deepest personal thoughts. We are going to be clearing out the old to prepare for the new. Organizing. We will be focused on setting goals, getting into something that makes us happy and getting rid of things that don’t make us happy. We will overthink EVERYTHING and may become easily frustrated with ourselves and others.

“FULL MOON MAGIC” candles will be an Uncrossing/Protection and a Fast Luck.

The Uncrossing/Protection breaks any negative thoughts, spell casting or ill intentions against you and places a ring of protection around you.

The Fast Luck candle will break blockages and bring good luck to you! Whether it’s a specific goal such as more money, a love relationship, better business and more; the Fast Luck candle will turn things around quickly for you.

If you’d like to be a part of the spell casting candles let me know!!

Many blessings,
Gaylene “aka” Abundant Visions



The New Moon in Pisces promises to help alleviate stress and bring about a bit of happiness to our lives. Pisces are known for their compassion, attentiveness and giving nature. On the downside that can lead to over-sensitivity, over-thinking and an inability to make concrete decisions. Soooo, we may feel mushy but if it’s not reciprocated we may feel a bit down, depressed and emotionally drained.

We can push through all the down and outs and bring about our desires by using a Peace candle and a Chuparrosa candle. This will help to keep us and our surroundings in a peaceful place while making us a magnet for all things loving!! Because it’s a sensitive time we’ll need the balance. 


If you would like to be included in the “New Moon Magic” please let me know! The cost is $25 each ((you can chose which candle you want to be added to or both candles)). I post 2 updates. One at initial lighting and then at ending on Instagram and Facebook. It is a shared candle working in same way but in conjunction with the power of the moon phase. Remember, “where two or more of us come together in prayer, our prayers will be answered.” No names are shared with anyone! Privacy policy!!


Full Moon Magic Time – Candle


2/16/2022 “FULL MOON MAGIC” time! I have chosen two candles to bless, dress and light under the Moon phase and can add your name to the mix. It is a shared candle. The cost for this is $25. I will post the pictures on my Instagram at the initial lighting and then at the end. I will not post your name. That is private. 😇

The chosen Candles will be a chakra candle to cleanse heal and harmonize our being and a Lovers Amantes candle for love!! The full moon is a great time to cleanse ourselves to help bring forward with purity our intentions. I like this! The lovers amantes is to bring about love relationships that are healthy and good for you. Or help strengthen an existing love relationship. Together they will work in harmony and even done separately will be perfect for this upcoming Full Moon!

For all you Fishermen and Fisherwomen out there it’s a GREAT time to throw a line! You might even catch a PB! 

IF you’d like to be a part of it let me know ASAP!!

Many blessings,



The Chariot – card of the day

🌟The Chariot🌟 is one of the most complex cards to define because it has both a positive and negative mood. It indicates a battle or struggle is going on inside or around you. It can indicate a victory, overcoming obstacles and challenges through confidence and self-control. We are at a place where we have clear goals and a plan of action and are tempted to lose our temper with people or situations standing in our way of success. The chariot tells us be the master of our emotions and to control impulses to anger. Is there a reason to be irritated?! Oh, I am sure! But there is a way if you remain focused to use it to dominate and beat any situation or competition! This is the time to be self-reliant and to assert ourselves! Be bold! But stay in integrity at all times! This is not a time to manipulate. There is a higher power at work to help you achieve ultimate success through hard work, self-discipline, and control.

⭐️ you will overcome trouble and adversity
⭐️ victory, Triumph
⭐️ keep calm stay in integrity
⭐️ victory! ((Ok victory is worth mentioning twice! 😇))

Your Psychic Spellcaster is here to help you turn things around and ensure Success! “We sell Magic!” Today the recommendation will be a Fast Luck candle to bring about quick luck to you in love and/or money!

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2 of Pentacles

🌟2 of pentacles🌟 signifies we are making changes and need to find balance. Important decisions are coming up. We are working on a lot right now and many things need to be accomplished. We are being put on notice to get a better schedule going in order to keep up the pace! We may be we are juggling a bit too much and without a better schedule we are sure to drop the ball somewhere. Something may be overlooked or missed. Someone may feel left out. In order to keep momentum positive and create change for the better we will have to work on our time management. It also serves as a reminder not to leave anyone out with all the things that we are juggling. That one person could be the key to success! Prioritize! In relationships, you may be trying to decide “is this person right for me?” OR even bigger “is time to get serious and tie the knot?!” Whoa! That’s HUGE!!!

I would recommend a Success candle to promote successful changes.

Have a great day!

Psychic Spellcaster
“We Sell Magic”


Four Of Cups Reversed

The 🌟Four of Cups reversed🌟 tells us “don’t sit on the sidelines so long that life passes you by!” It suggests that there are opportunities for advancement on the horizon! Because this card indicates we are pretty caught up in our own issues and have been feeling rather down, we have to be careful not to miss out on something good!

If you are currently involved, it talks about a tug of war which will now be met with compromise. It talks of new solutions to old problems and offers new beginnings in love relationships. Decisions are made with this card to either a) take a new opportunity or b) make compromises necessary to make an old relationship work.

To help create a much needed  breakthrough I would recommend a Blockbuster Candle

This card acknowledges we are in a rut personally and are no longer happy sitting still or standing on the side lines. We have a strong desire to break free! Don’t let situations hold you back and make you bitter! Get better! You deserve happiness! It is easy to let life get us down. The hard part is getting UP and turning that negative experience into a life lesson. Something you desire may pop up from the most unexpected places.

Have a GREAT day!


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Ace of Swords – Meaning

Spell Candles

The 🌟Ace of Swords🌟 The sword is double-edged. There is great clarity and strength found in this card. With our insights on high, we are able to see deceptions big time. Tread carefully my friends! If you look closely at the card the landscape is barren. This means even though we found our voice our words could be cold in nature. It IS possible to use this for the greater good and not destroy everything in the process. It is up to you as to how you react. Use the clarity given with the ace of swords and think before you react. Boundaries may be necessary but can be set with love.

*Mental clarity
*Create boundaries

Be mindful with our words As always have a great day more tomorrow…


We are here to help guide you on a powerfully positive path to the destiny that awaits you! Let one of our very gifted psychic readers help illuminate your path! 🔮www.thirdeyelive.com🔮sign up today and receive your first three minutes FREE!