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Spell Candles by Live Accurate Psychic

Spell Candles are frequently used in magical rituals. the Candle represents you, in body via wax, your mind via wick, and your spirit via the flame. Candles help us realize and attain our wishes, to illuminate thoughts, and as such guide us when mental darkness exists. They make us feel accompanied when hope appears to have abandoned us. Grandmomma used to say where two or more of you pray together your prayers will be answered! Ok, it comes from the Bible but what Grandmomma said always stuck!

Moreover, bear in mind that each spell candle has its color, each color is related to an area of our life. Such as:

Yellow candles assist us to land that new job, triumph in
business endeavors. Help with concentration and imagination. It can
also assist with communications if strained.

Red candles give strength to love, passion, the vitality and

Pink candles care for romances provide harmony, tranquility and

Blue candles stimulate our minds to be filled with patience
and a relaxed understanding of what surrounds us. It helps us to
express ourselves better and get peace of mind. The blue candle can
also help in helping to heal with health problems.

Green candles bring luck. They help you when you are feeling
morally down and help attract healthy stimuli to you. They can also
help to bring in monies quick!

Purple or Violet candles aid in transforming our energy, releasing stress and
strain. They help to improve your health. Purple is a very spiritual color and helps us feel closer the Spirit.

Orange Candles aid in energy! Need a boost? This is great to replenish and fill your soul! A mixture of red and yellow, it provides strength and functions simultaneously to rejuvenate your being.

White candles protect and cleanse. White unifies all colors, You can use them in all
aspects of your life. Light a white candle and feel its heat, energy and protective nature!

Believe it or not a black spell candle can be used in a positive way to help rid yourself of collected negativity. A lot of times we wick up others energy and carry it with us like it is our luggage. If you feel that you are carrying someone else’s negativity the is a special spell just for you that has no negative karma attached. It’s like they say “it isn’t the dog that’s mean…it’s the owner.” Same applies with candle lighting. Any candle can be used positively or negatively. It’s how you dress and light it that is important.


Full Moon MADness!

The Full Moon on January 26, 2013 focuses on recognizing and dispelling old ways, situations and people that are not positive and holding you back! This is a time when throwing off the rose colored glasses and seeing things for how they truly are will help you move to the next level of your life. If you have truly had enough of things keeping you from progression, now you will have the support to get rid of it. Make sure to give yourself some space to process your feelings which could range from insecurity all the way up to fits of rage. These intense energies are associated with home, family and friendships. Believe it or not, here really are people who want you to fail…it’s time to let go and move into something better for you! In letting go of the unhealthy situations, your greatest desires will come to you! An uncrossing candle would be perfect to assist you in shedding negativity and bring peace, balance and prosperity to you! Many blessings of peace to you during this process!



Third Eye Live is PROUD to announce the addition of live life coaching to the services we offer!

A Life Coach is a person whose job is to improve the quality of his or her client’s life!  The purpose of life coaching is to help you identify and break through challenges in your life both seen and unseen keeping you from attaining your goal.  What are your goals?  If you need assistance, answers and ideas to make them a reality give one of these Certified Life Coaches a call!  You’ll be glad you did!



We are proud to announce two new live psychics  have joined Third Eye Live!!  We wish them bountiful blessings and abundance!  WELCOME!

Lila Q

SourcePower Live


Mercury Retrograde 2012

My dear friends, the time is upon us AGAIN for Mercury to go retrograde.  It officially starts tomorrow but many of us are feeling the beginning effects now.  This retrograde is in Sagittarius and Scorpio.

While Mercury is in Sagittarius from 11/06-11/13, there may be things we need to reschedule before moving ahead.  Go with the flow of change rather than fighting it. This is a great time to reconsider the beliefs that structure your reality.  At times, we become attached to certain thought patterns, we can become complacent, accepting things as they are because that is the way it has always been.  During this time, we will be forced mentally and emotionally to confront these deep rooted beliefs and kick them to the curb!

Now, when Mercury goes into Scorpio 11/13-11/26, we will have an opportunity to air and process our emotions.  The past month has been relentless in getting us to look at what’s “really” in our way and how blockages ((emotional and otherwise)) can be broken.  Scorpio in the past month has brought up deep seeded emotions that many of us are afraid to even feel much less verbalize.  With the coming ability to express ourselves to others be mindful of how you say something.  Especially if what you are relating to or venting to is part of your problem.  Please remember to be easy on yourself during this process.

Much love,

Gaylene aka “Abundant Visions”


“All Saint’s Day aka “All Souls Day”

I was reading up on “All Saint’s Day aka All Souls Day.” I have always liked this day because I thought it was a day that my loved ones can come hang with me. I put out beer, wine, snacks and sweets and of course candles…it makes me feel closer to the ones I have loved and lost.
In my reading today, I found this information on the meaning behind “All Saint’s Day aka All Souls Day.” Enjoy!
“The Roman Catholic celebration is associated with the doctrine that the souls of the faithful who at death have not been cleansed from the temporal punishment due to venial sins and from attachment to mortal sins cannot immediately attain the beatific vision in heaven, and that they may be helped to do so by prayer and by the sacrifice of the Mass.[1] In other words, when they died, they had not yet attained full sanctification and moral perfection, a requirement for entrance into Heaven. This sanctification is carried out posthumously in Purgatory.” ((wikipedia.org))
“in the ninth century, Emperor Leo VI sadly lost His wife, Empress Theophano. It is said she lived a devout life. After her death in 893,[4] her husband built a church, intending to dedicate it to her. When he was forbidden to do so ((by the Catholic Church)), he decided to dedicate it to “All Saints,” so that if his wife were in fact one of the righteous, she would also be honored whenever the feast was celebrated. According to tradition, it was Leo who expanded the feast from a commemoration of All Martyrs to a general commemoration of All Saints, whether martyrs or not.” ((wikipedia.org))
Thank YOU Sir Leo! Now all our beloved(s) can be celebrated TODAY! Even my MOONSHINERS! hehehe



Full Moon in October 2012 “Hunter’s Moon”

Tonight and tomorrow night are a good time to get rid of unwanted energies, break blockages and continue to pull in that positive energy.

Here is what I will be doing.  You can join in if you’d like.  If you are wondering does she do this every month?  Yes, I do.  The key to successful prayer candles is about your perseverance.  What better way to keep yourself motivated to attain your goals and set aside things that bring you down than a prayer candle?

1)  Set your intentions in writing.   Allow yourself to write down things about you personally or a situation that are not    quite moving forward.  You can add in things that you’d like to rid yourself of.  Light your white candle burning the paper in the flame.  Imagine yourself being freed from any and all negativity and any blockages breaking!

**This is a bonus that I add in on the Full Moon to continue to bring creativity, prosperity, good health, good luck, etc…((you get the point))

2) Again set your intentions in writing.  This time, write down financial freedom; healthy happy relationships; healing of your body, etc.  Take the paper and slip it UNDER a green candle (white can always substitute) light it and know things will come to you.

Above all, be easy on yourself.  Take time to take care of YOU.  This Full Moon’s energy is intense making us a little sensitive.

Love and HUGS!

Gaylene aka Abundant Visions



“Hunter’s Moon” FULL MOON 10/29/2012

The year is sweeping past us!  This upcoming Full Moon is called a “Hunter’s Moon.”  It is the second Full Moon in the Autumn Equinox.  This Full Moon is in Taurus which could make our insecurities “feel” greater in size.  Acknowledge these feelings.  It is OK!  This is a good Moon to sit down with a focused intention to shift your energy in areas of your life where you feel unstable or complacent.  One would say acknowledge and embrace your fears, insecurities and unsure feelings of the future!  Release them so you CAN move forward positively!

I’ll post more this weekend on preparations for this upcoming Moon to help you create your best life now!

Love and light,

Gaylene aka Abundant Visions



New Moon 10/15/2012 – Cleaning House

Before we begin our leap into the New Moon let’s talk about cleaning house!

Cleaning house internally is always important!  But, cleansing out any negativity IN the house can be even MORE important!  Here is my mom’s recipe to cleanse the home of negativity.

Pour salt into a small bowl.  You can bless the salt by saying “Lord’s Prayer” over it.  Or any other prayer or meditation.  The fact the salt cleanses is the objective here.  Then you go to every corner of the house including closets, drains, cabinets and drawers throw 3
pinches of salt and say “be gone with God” or “be gone with the power of the white light.”  Open a door or a window to let that negativity be gone!

This cleanses out every nook and cranny of the home.  While you are at it, throw three pinches in your mailbox, too!  ((It will clear negativity that may keep you from receiving money, good news, etc.))

This is a GREAT New Moon to take things to the next level in our lives so let’s not leave any negativity behind!  Tell it BYE BYE!

Love and light,

Gaylene aka Abundant Visions