The FULL MOON tonight 7/13/22 will also be a SUPER MOON!!

full moon

The FULL MOON 7/13/22 will also be a SUPER MOON!!

The Super Moon can effect us in all kinds of strange ways. Biggest is it magnifies x10 whatever emotions/challenges/success we are experiencing. Some people may have trouble sleeping ((me)) and some may over sleep. The energy of the Moon can and will effect us all differently. But make no mistake it will be BIG!!

Now with that being said, same thing applies to Spell Candles. The Full Moon/SuperMoon energy will give a significant boost to the candles.

Tonight I will be blessing, dressing and lighting a Road Opener AND a Ven a Mi ((Love/Come to Me)) candle. The road opener will clear your path, cleans things up and set things in motion to move forward positively.  The Ven a Mi is a highly sexual candle and will call your beloved TO you OR bring NEW opportunities for you in love and romance!

If you want to be a part of the group Spell casting let me know ASAP. The cost is $25 each and I do update on our progress with pictures on how the candle is burning.

Many blessings,


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