Uruz Rune Guidance for week of 1/4/15

Uruz Upright, Rune of the Week

“Uruz”is the Rune of terminations and beginnings.  It says to me that we are outgrowing the old, shedding skins in order to move forward into the new.  Uruz is all about opportunities disguised as losses. The progression of evolving in life is very much so like a nature. There is death decay fertilization and rebirth. While we are free to resist it suggests that we remain mindful that the rebirth will bring about a new life that has the potential to be greater than the old.  It could be a relationship, someone or something, or even a way of life that no longer serves you.  We are to look at the “loss” and realize we have learned our lesson(s).   Now is the time to pull ourselves UP and move forward positively!

I am not surprised by pulling this Rune as tomorrow is the first Full Moon of 2015 and it is a DOOZEY!  We may be feeling tired, depressed, stressed and it could show in our communications with others.  We are being told to be careful as tensions are high and as a result we could SNAP!  Ride out the storm and take care of yourself!  Tread carefully and whenever Pray!


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