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Bless This Home Candle


Bless This Home Candle


Product Description

Bless This Home Candle – Bless and Protect your home and all who reside within!

This spell Candle will remove any and all negative energy from your home and fill it with positive energy.
Bless This Home Spell Candles power is enhanced when we dress it with special herbs and oils, particularly with an Earth element and a Fire element.

This Spell Candle will bring security and stability into your home during or after times of trouble.
A HOUSE BLESSING is a fantastic addition to your prayers for family blessedness and serenity.

It is vital to shield our lives from external impairments and to safeguard our health and home.
This Spell Candle is a highly effective means of banishing negativity from a home and adding a wall of safety.

When lighting this Spell Candle, we invoke the protection of Arch Angel Michael to help guard and protect us and our home.  It can be a fabulous house warming gift too!


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